Monday, November 3, 2008

Green Roofs - Another Volunteer Vegetated Florida Roof

Walking the streets of almost all cities and towns you can see plants growing in the toughest of places.

They grow in the cracks between the concrete in the middle of the busiest streets and interstates. They grow up walls, peaking from the tiniest of crevasses. The grow in gutters and in roof seams. Give a plant a chance and many species will grow just about anywhere there is a little sunlight and occasional water or moisture.

The philosophy we carried with us over the years of experimenting with how to successfully grow plants on roofs was simple. It was based on watching plants grow in the most inopportune places.

Our goal was to design a vegetated or green roof that inherently had the following characteristics: 1. Low weight, 2. Reasonable cost, 3. Leaves and color all year, 4. fire resistant, 6. heat, humidity and hurricane resistant, 7. Florida Department of Community Affairs approved, 8. treats stormwater, 9. provides habitat for wildlife, 10. was low maintenance, 11. could be used on slopes (we can go vertical), and finally - a roof that would last - season after season.

We believe we have developed what we set out to do!

Call Judy at MetroVerde - 904-294-2656 to find out more about your new green roof!

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