Friday, November 14, 2008

Green Roofs in Florida -

Palms and/or other trees on roofs present many challenges to the designer. In Florida these issues can include: (1) weight, (2) wind speed uplift during tropical storms or hurricanes, (3) irrigation and maintenance requirements, (4) fire safety and more.

Though I focus on thin, lightweight Green Roof mats (much less expensive) there will be clients who would like to have a roof with trees. Certain challenges are presented to us in designing a roof capable of supporting trees. First and foremost your structural engineer has to provide a deck capable of handling the loading.

We will be collecting photos of Florida green roofs that include trees and large shrubs. Send your photo in to Kevin for posting - along with a description of the roof, location, how long the roof has been in existence and other data.

Holidays are coming up - what better way to celebrate than with a blooming green roof!


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