Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Roofs in Florida and Cooler Weather

It is becoming cooler and night now and well should be - it is almost Thanksgiving & most green roof plants on our projects are very happy that the long and tortuous ordeal with Florida's heat and humidity is almost over for a season...

Many of the plants bear battle scars from Tropical Storm Fay (way, way too much water) and the ever present afternoon humidity bath.

The Sempervivums are starting to can see new growth expanding out from the middle of the plant, the brown, wilted areas falling away from the perimeters.

This is the time of year for dormancy for some of the sedums - - they are turning brown and melting away while others are just melting after a long stressful battle with the Florida humidity.

Iceplant is doing well. Iceplant planted on the ground melted out during T.S. Fay but those clumps on the roofs actually thrived.

Interestingly, the allium likes the cold weather too - its leaf blades perk right up.

So now is a major time for seasonal change in North Florida for green roofs. Stay tuned for more updates!

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