Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Roofs, Irrigation, Florida & Hurricanes

Hurricane - High Winds & Non-Irrigation Tests for a green roof test panel. We are collecting data, working with a major university to measure hurricane effects on a non-irrigated, lightweight extensive green roof.

The test panel is a 4' x 10' simulated roof capable of being raised and lowered from a flat elevation to a forty five degree angle.

The vegetated portion is non-irrigated and less than one inch thick.

The panel is being tested under hurricane wind speeds in a wind tunnel. It is also under study for plant growth and survival characteristics under a no-irrigation environment where the insulating qualities are being measured also.

Stay tuned for more information!


Liquid EPDM said...

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Roof Coatings said...

Green roof is a good idea, i want to change my one flat roof into green roof, but i heard from some one that green roofs are cause of sealant and it can damage your roofs, so i want to know is that true?