Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Allium - MV's Bonsai-ed Variety - Green Roof Plants Florida

I'm sold on Allium species for both green roof and living wall plants.  Hardy, evergreen, tolerant of inundation and tolerant of drought, these hardy plants form the backbone of many non-irrigated green roofs.  MetroVerde's bonsai-ed variety is an especially hardy variety - grown in a greenhouse with limited watering - typically les than 1/4 inch per month for over a year.  This picture I took today at University of Florida - we have a panel there - as we've written about before - and the system is non-irrigated, been in a harsh test area for over a year now - and the Allium species are growing strong!  Call Kevin with your low weight, extensive, non-irrigated green roof questions. 904-294-2656.

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