Friday, August 13, 2010

Soilless Living Wall - Hydroponic Living Wall

Check out the MetroVerde living wall being installed into an historic downtown Jacksonville, Florida building presently being renovated into an upscale Indie Thai restaurant.

Pictured here are the wall panels during the plant establishment stage.

Call Kevin for your vertical green requirements - interior or exterior.  Cleaning stormwater, providing habitat and creating a sense of place!


Lushe said...

I can see the flow cells but do not see any geosynthetic. I would be interested to know how you combined the two.


Kevin Songer, J.D. said...

Hey there Lushe:

I checked out your website and love your material. Your are doing same thing I am, just slightly different platform or system and materials.

I use a geosyn fabric - heavyweight and roll the fabric into long tubes I call socks.

I fill these 'tubes' with a sorption media like the Imbrium (Canadian) - see

and the sorptive media removes the phosh[phorous from the stormwater collected on the roof and directed downwards through the wall. The plants help with the N.

The tubes are slid into the flowcell so the entire structure is one platform that plants can grow into. The beauty of the geosyn fabric is the miles and miles of surface area - I've got a pic of an electron microscope shot of the fabric if you are interested - allowing for micro plant processes to occur on.

You can supplement the system's surface with your fav grow medium to get seeds started, though I like using mature plants also and giving them a grow in period.

I'm doing a wall now with Arugula! It is beautiful! Planted the seeds 3 days ago and they are growing fast already! Will post pics soon.