Thursday, August 25, 2011

Green Roof Agriculture, easy to grow, even without a Green Thumb!

Growing food on rooftops and across Green Roofs is easy.  Many times I've people say, "I can't grow any of my own food, I don't have a green thumb"!  But it is the plants that do the growing!  All you need to do is provide them with sunshine and a little water from time to time.

Green Roof and Rooftop Permaculture Gardens can produce masses of food
 Rooftops are free from many pests, such as the infamous root-knot nematodes here in our sandy soils  Green roof gardens easily reach for more than their fair share of sunshine!
Green Roof Luffa and Roselle
In fact, to grow vegetables on the roof you really dont need alot of soil either!  Think of plants growing in gutters.  The above Roselle, a plant renown for tea and medicinal uses (I love to cook the leaves like greens) and the magnificent luffa sponge gourd are growing in less than two inches of soil.

Green roof agriculture, Rooftop Okra
Rooftops are the new frontier of agriculture!


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