Sunday, August 28, 2011

Safety on the Green Roof, Walkways and more.

We all love to show our green roofs off to others.  Safety then becomes paramount on the green roof.

Building codes and regulations for years have addressed rooftop access with specifications for hand rails, walkways and other methods to protect those on the roof.
Anti-slip Roofing Walkways help prevent slipping, even where water may stand

Green roofs bring an entire new meaning to safety on the roof.  Green roofs may attract significant crowds of people, including children especially if the roof has an educational focus.

With single ply roofing membranes becoming more and more popular on roofs and around green roofs one should be aware of slippage issues.   Single ply roofing membranes include materials such as EDPM and TPO.  The white TPO is especially popular due to the material's reflective capabilities.  TPO helps keep a roof cool by not adsorbing solar heat to the extent black asphalt does.

But white TPO is a slick material and when wet from morning dew can pose a slip risk.  Rules should be posted at the entrance tot he rooftop garden concerning the safety hazards of being on a roof, including 'Walk and Do Not Run'.  Sometimes we think the most obvious rules are common sense.  However during the excitement of a green roof visit, some may fail to heed common sense precautions.

I like to use TPO walkway material around the green roof pedestrian areas.  The material has a slightly different color and is anti-slip, very easy to walk across.

Next time you are designing a green roof, remember safety issues.  A good safety plan should always become part of the final green roof project's paperwork.

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Brendan Gertner said...

Whenever you have a home project, you should keep safety in mind, especially when it comes to roofing. Yeah, green roofing is really popular now, but you have to know the safety guidelines when you plan on doing this project.