Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green Roof Growth Comparisons, Six Months on a Florida Green Roof

When we created the Breaking Ground Green Roof our intent was to implement a nature irrigation based food and native plant roof providing economic benefits as well as environmental impact.

Today's post shows how much the roof has grown over the past five months.

April 2011, BGC Green Roof by MetroVerde
The roof system is designed to be hurricane resilient and convert atmospheric gas into usable forms of nutrients by the legumes and their associated nodule bacteria.

Air conditioning condensate is captured and distributed within the system.

We are still classified as an area under severe drought by USDA's Drought Monitor.

Today the Green Roof is a living example of just how much food, flowers and habitat a rooftop can produce.

August 2011 BGC Green Roof Jacksonville
Following basic permaculture principles with an emphasis on wind and light exposure forms the foundation for this projects growth.  Many of the plants are evergreen perennials and we expect the roof to continue preforming over the long term.  For more information on the project, visit the MetroVerde Website and then be sure to visit the Breaking Ground Green Roof project website here.

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