Sunday, September 18, 2011

Future Green Roof Designers - UF Students studying on the Green Roof

Students, Pervious Pavement and a Green Roof

Rehabilitated BGC Office, Example of Florida Green Construction
Dr. Kathleen Carlton Ruppert's students taking her Practicum in Sustainability in the Built Environment class visited the Breaking Ground Green Roof last week.

Questions poised by the students were very on point and I was pleasantly surprised their queries focused on many important issues with green roofs and sustainability.

UF has a broad-based sustainability effort across the campus.

Check out the UF Program for Resource Efficient Communities website here for some great Sustainability info.


Avis Brunswick said...

Good luck to them! I hope soon they find great ways to improve green roofing in the future. One day, we can achieve our dream to have green city!

Eugene Head said...

It's nice to know that there are people who are dedicated to creating new innovations in architectural structures such as roofing for houses. I hope the project succeeds and continues for a long time. Good luck to all of you.