Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorry Green Roof Design

You get what you pay for.

Sprinklers, erosion and a mess ont he roof
Another photo of a shoddy roof scape, destined to give the site owners a bad taste over green roofs and certainly hurt the reputation of green roofs in Florida.

The plant shown here is perennial peanut, a species that does well in the tropics, but questionable here in Northern Florida where the winter temps drop to the teens on a regular basis.  Though somewhat green now the plant quickly wilts without the overhead spray, most of which is evaporating.  I'm wondering what the owner will say when the roof turns a dead brown with first freeze.

The first batch of plant used was sedum and they promptly all died.  Then the peanut was installed but because the roof has no parapet and desiccating wind sheet flows across the roof, the plants must be watered constantly with over head whirly bird sprinklers.

The sprinkler in the middle is over shooting the roof mostly.  Green garden hoses dangle from the roof across the patios below.

Erosion is occurring, creating ruts across the green roof area and soil media lies in the storm sewer attached to the gutters.

This system belongs to a nationally know company.

It is really unfortunate that the bottom line was the cheapest way out.  You get what you pay for. Potentially grand projects that could benefit the industry can wreck the same industry's reputation.

I would hope better for Florida green roofs in the future.

Otherwise, the product will becoming a pariah.

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