Friday, September 23, 2011

GreenRoofs - bring it all together, Pollination and Biodiversity

MetroVerde Florida Green Roof's summer blooms!

MetroVerde Florida Green Roof Butterflies & Biodiversity

MetroVerde GreenRoof  Late Summer Echinacea Blooms
It is so amazing to watch green roofs grow and provide beauty.  Though we are still in a heavy drought, we have had a little rain last week finally - and the green roof plants and flowers respond with their splendor and beauty!

As the rain hits the roof the water is quickly adsorbed by the plant roots, minimizing urban runoff and scavenging nutrients and other pollutants from the runoff, helping keep our rivers and waterbodies clean.

The wildlife attracted to the green roof is simply amazing to watch.  Such a wide array of insects, amphibians and reptiles now live across the roofs.  A jungle in the urban core field of concrete!

Walking on the roof the oxygen is thick, plants strategically placed near air intake vents for optimum interior air quality.

Carbon is sequestered and life is brought back to the Urban Core.

I love Green Roofs.

MetroVerde Florida Green Roof at Breaking Ground Contracting

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