Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Green Roofs in Florida

Lots happening in Florida with respect to green roofs.  To bring you up to speed here are a few noteworthy items of interest:

Genora Crain-Orth will be interviewed on public radio this morning here in Jacksonville about her efforts to secure permission for a small green roof on her historic home.  The interview will be aired at 9 am EST and can be heard online around the world from WJCT, First Coast Connect'd live stream.

Genora's living roof may be small but the impact is important.  She has placed a vision into action.  Those visions we have, once placed into action can change the world.  You can also read more about Genora's living roof here.

Secondly, Sustainable Florida is hosting the 2011 Sustainable You conference in Tallahassee this week.  You can see the green roof presentation slideshow here!

Thanks to Breaking Ground Contracting for use of some great slides and photos!

Thirdly, a live video filming on the Breaking Ground Green Roof will be taking place Thursday, October 27th, 9 am EST.  The focus will be on the newly emerging winter food crops.  Interested adults are invited to attend by RSVPing Catherine Burkee.

Jimmy Sterling and I are headed to South Florida next week to design a 6,000 sf rooftop garden!

The Jacksonville Zoo green roofs are coming up in November!

Florida is leading the way in the south for green roofs!

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