Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Roofs support Food Freedom, Florida Rooftop Permaculture

Issues concerning the safety, quality, availability and cost of food are important considerations today, especially as corporations and state actors try to monopolize energy, water, transportation and other needed fundamental necessities for life.

Green Roof Okra Seed Pod - Seeds - new currency

Yet as generations pass, the knowledge and secrets of agriculture and permaculture are slipping away.

Articles such as the one  found here where a Wisconsin judge ruled Americans do not have a fundamental right to keep livestock and grow food,  illustrate the fear and worry of federal judges ruling against basic food rights.

As our Urban Core becomes more and more populated and our buildings higher and taller, we the residents will need to know how to grow food across structures.

Recently, my friends Val and Eli were cited by the City of Jacksonville for growing food in their front yard.

Mark and Amanda Searle have been both cited and fined for hens in their backyard.  Others have had their egg producing pet hens taken in front of teary-eyed children.

Am I paranoid?  Maybe so.  But as corporate control and lobbyist-driven legislators becomes the norm, we should have a back up plan.

If the GMO turns out a generation of pain, or if seed and food becomes so expensive we cannot afford to feed our families, we must have an alternative.

Rooftop and windowsill permaculture provide an answer.

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FNFCG Admin said...

I think what bothers me about the ruling is perhaps a misunderstanding on my part. Milk from dairy farms in the US is not pasteurized on site. It is pasteurized at central processing facilities. This judge is expecting that THIS farm do what no commercial dairy farm do? The cow owners in this case are the "central processing facility" - the decision to pasteurize or not is done in their homes. Hmmmmmmmm. Something isn't right here.