Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Net Negative Carbon Florida Green Roof

The two photographs here show how much biomass is growing on the Breaking Ground Green Roof.  The first photo was taken May 5th, 2011.  The next photo was taken October 9th, 2011.
Green Roof, May 2011, Breaking Ground Contracting
Green Roof, October 2011, Breaking Ground Contracting

We are having a biomass harvesting party later this month where we will be calculating how much dry weight plant material is harvested and the estimated sequestered carbon.

Having a green roof pull carbon from the urban core atmosphere and pump fresh oxygen into the air is one step towards restoring the health of our cities.

For more  info on the Breaking Ground Green Roof, visit the project website here.

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Latoyia Stockhausen said...

Very nice. Isn't it great to see green roofs sprouting around town? It just shows that many home and building owners are realizing the advantages of having greens on their roofs.