Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Residential Green Roofs for Fun, Food, Stormwater , Permaculture and More!

It is always good to talk to other green roof and Urban Core green/permaculture enthusiasts.  Yesterday I was fortunate to speak to Alan Myers-Davis, a Senior Project Manager at Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina.

Photo by Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina

Alan brought up the topic of small, lightweight green roofs for residential applications, sheds and garages.

There is a huge opportunity for America to green her Urban Core, small rooftop section by garage by shed by small rooftop.

Alan reminded me that our focus doesn't always have to be on mega-sized projects to make an impact.  Take Rob Overly's small one meter square green roof section that intercepts and cleans almost three hundred square meters of rooftop runoff (See a photo of Rob's green roof here).

Kudo's to Alan and Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina!  See his note below the photographs.

Photo by Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina

Photo by Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina

by Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina

by Living Roofs Inc. of North Carolina

Homeowners are extremely interested in green roofing and are always interested to know if they can transform their own roof into a living, breathing system.  

Unfortunately, buildings in the southeastern United States are not built for the same structural load capacity as northern buildings simply because we do not receive as much snow.  

Sometimes, the cost to retrofit an existing structure for increased load capacity can outweigh green roof advantages and homeowners are sent back to the drawing boards.  

Living Roofs, Inc., a green roof design and installation company based in Asheville, NC, has recently launched SHELTER to give homeowners another creative option for greening backyard space.  

These architectural drawings contain all of the necessary information required to build a DIY green roof garden shed…or art studio…or children’s playhouse…or even a man cave!  

The plan sets contain construction and green roof details, a complete materials list, and a very useful green roof resource list.  These are professionally rendered documents, so load capacities have been taken into consideration, and they have been designed small enough to bypass building codes.  Whether you wish to build the exact design or use the plans to modify and tweak your own design, they are a perfect introduction to back-yard green roofing and offer homeowners an outlet for some green creativity.  

There are two designs:  a more traditional gabled roof and a single-sloped, more contemporary roof.  The single-sloped roof comes in a 4” inch version and a 6” version, which allows for a more diverse plant selection of flowering perennials and grasses.  

Contact Alan Myers-Davis, Senior Project Manager at Living Roofs Inc., with any questions, and go to their Small Green Roof page on their website to view similar projects.  Cheers and keep on greening!


Tiffany Larsen said...

One really good thing about green roofs is its versatility. This isn’t at all exclusive for pleasure gardening or food production. It could be for both functions, and some more. Green roofs are also effective as an energy-saving resource. It helps maintain a cooler temperature, thus, reducing energy consumption through direct shading of the roof.

Tiffany Larsen

Unknown said...

I want to get my green roof into red, and what are the materials needed to be use?? I'll be back here for your response. Thank you. Roofing Milwaukee

Rolf Matchen said...

Oh I love green roofs! They make your roof look more attractive and at the same time, energy-efficient! I am actually in the middle of making my roof garden. As of now I have planted a lot of plants and flowers on my rooftop. My neighbors love it so much. I think I may have to plant some vegetables too. =)

Santo Caridine said...

The first photo is the ideal green roof for me. The structure’s size, and orientation, will allow me to watch, observe, and reach the plants easily. Moreover, that kind of roofing is also easy to maintain and take care of, especially during harsh weather conditions. How many people built that green roof? Though, I believe that it only takes one or two to build that.

Kermit Lukacs said...

I love these green roof concepts! :D Green roofing looks simple, but this technology is innovative and provides many benefits, especially to our environment. @ Santo, I absolutely love the first photo as well. :D I would love to have a green roof that looks like that. It would be wonderful if each house will provide a little space for a green roof.

Neil Hirsh said...

I love what Tiffany said! :) Green roofs are really versatile! Today, more and more people get to appreciate it because of the innumerable benefits it provides. Usually, people love to have a green roof on their houses or buildings for it to become more aesthetically pleasing, or to save energy, or for food production. No matter what the reason is, for me, the most important is that green roofing technologies provide great environmental benefits! :) This kind of innovation is what we really need today to help preserve nature.