Monday, June 6, 2016

Connective Tissue Life Doors and a World Market Pottery Mug

Dissection Life has opened and closed many doors in my life.  One maxim I've found to be unchangeable is 'There Will Always Be Change".
Ritual simplification to celebrate life's changes.  Buy a mug and bowl from World Market.

One particular project I've been working on is simplification.  Indeed, before I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder and the big dissection I had accumulated quite a bit in life.  Too much to take care of.  Way too much to take care of.  Of course, I was usually stressed about all the worldly possessions I was carrying around in my 'life backpack'.

When I began the simplification process several years ago a sense of new found freedom immediately swept over me.  This was good.  Stress causes inflammation.  That is bad.  Inflammation can chip away at our aorta until it finally tears.

Last thing I needed was anything chipping away at my genetically pre-disposed to tearing Marfan aorta.

Lifestyle simplification is a disposal of both things and also stress.

Ultimately my goal is to own only one hundred objects.  However even then one hundred objects can be a lot to take care of.

So with each new door of change I encounter on this #DissectionLife journey, there exists an opportunity to simplify even further.  Simplification during change also dulls the emotional pain sometimes associated with big life changes because the act of simplifying affords a level of distraction from the possibly negative change event to the positive results from simplification.

That last sentence was a mouthful and probably could use some simplification itself.

I am really proud of Ruairi's summa cum laude standing upon high school graduation.  He is now off on his own life's journey after Saturday graduation and a successful Sunday drive to the University of North Florida.

He even was awarded a Tommy Tant scholarship as one of his many scholarships.  Tommy Tant Memorial Classic is a surfing event each year in Flagler Beach, Florida to remember Tommy Tant who passed of an aortic aneurysm.

Another door.  The house is not any more quiet, I just know now he is not coming home each afternoon after school or basketball.

For me, embracing each new life change with a celebratory act helps afford validity to the particular change.  So yesterday I went to World Market and bought a new pottery bowl and mug that will become my kitchen utensils for eating.

With no children in the house I am hoping we find the sink less full of dishes.  Now, with my one bowl and one mug, I intend to keep them washed and on the shelf after each use, and out of the sink.

So two of my one hundred personal items are made up of a dark blue World Market pottery bowl and matching mug.  Ruairi has left the house.  One door has closed and another door opened.

Nothing earth shattering but another couple steps towards the Zen I find in simplification. And that is good for my existing medically managed dissection.

One thing #Dissectionlife has taught me though is all those little steps add up.

And anointing each change with a separate act of celebratory simplification makes the journey easier and more interesting.

You can find out more about my Project 100 here.

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