Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dissection Life: A Father's Day message to My Children

The last teenager is out of the nest now.
Father' Day, Dissection Life Message to His Kids

They are all gone.

Our job was to raise them to where they could fly on their own.

The last one is now a freshman in the university system.

Sure they have a ways to go, however I truly believe they could make it on their own now.

And since today is Father's Day I'm going to send and open letter to my children.  I am putting into words below the thoughts of a Father's heart and dissected aorta.

The theme of my letter to my children is: Disappointment.

June 19, 2016

Re: Disappointment

Dear Children:

There are no more of you in the house and silence is certainly loud.

Take my thoughts in this letter with you the rest of your life.  What I want to tell you is advice I dearly hope you will remember the rest of your years.

I have always, always told you to follow your heart.  I may have let you know my opinion but ultimately I encouraged you, and still do, to follow your heart when making a decision about your life.

Listen to what others say because different perspectives can help guide you through life challenging decisions.  Then follow your heart.

If I could tell you one thing now that I hope you will never forget it would be the following sentence:

Dad says, "It is ok to disappoint others, however never, never disappoint yourself".

Think about it.

Each of you have special talents and very individualized passions.  Your Mom and I always want the best for you, but sometimes the best does not lie in conformance to some traditional way of thinking, politics or spirituality.

Times are changing.  Don't stick your life away in a pre-labeled folder file.

Each of you will encounter opportunities where you could do great things for the world.

Don't ever let anyone or anything hold you back.  If your heart says, 'Yes', ask it once more to make sure then follow with all skill, love and desire.

If you fall, pick yourself up and try again.

But please, please do not repress you heart's passions because of what someone else thinks, or the fear of 'disappointing' someone.

Not that it matters, but the only time I'd be disappointed in you if you were living your life the way someone else thought you should live it.

So.  Disappointment is the word.

Learn to validate your own character by determining who you are going to kindly (Dad says kindly is best) disappoint.

Try carrying an "I am going to disappoint" list in your wallet.  Anytime you feel that old sense of "he or she doesn't approve of what I want to do or am doing', add the name of the disappointed person to your list.  Write down the reason why and how you feel.

Sleep on this.

Then go ahead and disappoint them by doing what your heart is telling you to do.

This isn't easy for a father to say.  I always think I know best.

But one thing aortic dissection life has taught me is "life is so short'.

Always, always follow your heart and don't look back.

As Billy Joel said, "You can get what you want, or you can just get old."

Kindly disappointing people is part of the journey.  Just make sure it's others who are disappointed, not you.

Love you, Dad.

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