Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dissection Life, Best To Read The Ingredients Before Drinking

Everything about #Dissection life is a learning process. Several times members here have posted about 'probiotics' being important to an '#Aorta Healthy" lifestyle and I am convinced its true.
Added caffeine in kombucha? #Dissection life
Always read the fine print ingredients #Dissection life

YIKES! I stopped in the grocer today to pick up some fresh ginger root for smoothies and purchased a Kombucha (ginger flavored). I thought I was being healthy.
Arriving home I laid down for my self-imposed every two hour leg elevation and drank the entire bottle, even though vinegar based drinks are kinda hard for me to swallow. After all - the more bitter the more better.  
So within ten minutes PACs and arrhythmias began. Now my heart and aorta hurts. I've been off caffeine for about six months now after reviewing the bottle I discovered this drink had 80 mg caffeine. Probably not much for most, but for a  #Dissection life adventurer, a no-no and enough to send me into PACs.  
OK I should read the label, even the fine print. The label read "Gluten free, Non-Dairy, Vegan". But I should never assume anything...  
The answer just now? Drink lots of water and meditate to calm my racing out of sync heart.  
Still learning all about this #Dissection life.

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