Thursday, December 20, 2018

Aorta Dissection, Marfan Syndrome & Chronic Health Management Through Art Therapy

One of the easiest ways to keep my mind off my existing #aortic dissection and other #Marfan related conditions is through regular participation in art therapy.
Aortic Dissection Health can benefit from Art Therapy.  This piece by Kevin is a mandala featuring thyme and mermaids.

Art therapy can involve any number of creativity modalities, including; music, painting, sculpture, writing, poetry, culinary creativity, wood carving, metal working, dance, yoga, wilderness hiking, and much more. 

One of my favorite forms of art therapy poetry is short verse such as haiku, senryu and hiaga.

Painting is also a personal enjoyment and I especially like to use pigment with wood and a torch.

Aortic dissection healing, especially related PTSD and anxiety issues, can be helped through art therapy.
Digital vector art too is another great form of art therapy for me.  And I'd never pass up a chance to cover surfaces in graffiti!

Aortic dissection health benefits from open air art, like 'legal' graffiti!
Each individual will always have their own preferences and styles of expressing themselves through art.

Aortic dissection art therapy is all about becoming 'lost' in the art process & forgetting stress or pain for a time.
Art therapy has been a very effective management tool for my PTSD and ongoing anxiety and pain post dissection.

I even write quite dark and morbid short verse.  How ever most of my 'ku' is upbeat and nature-centric or senryu, such as:

"sixty beat pulse
St. jude tick tock silent not
mutt stares at my chest".

There are some really good art therapy resources on the internet, including the American Art Therapy Association.

I have to admit that when I started out I couldn't draw a straight line.

But my motto is keep trying!

Pull out your crayons and colored pencils, or brushes and paint and give it a try.  Sure does help me take my mind off Marfan Syndrome and an extremely dissected aorta.

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