Saturday, December 15, 2018

Managing #Aortic #Dissection, Making A Switch From Coffee to Marshmallow Root Tea in Mornings

Coffee has bee shown through studies to be good for one's health in a number of ways.
Aortic Dissection.  Replacing coffee with marshmallow tea for Barrett's Syndrome caused by my medications.

But I quit coffee.

I'm now drinking marshmallow tea in the morning and I love the taste.

Marshmallow tea is easy to make.  Pour simmering water over the root in a quart mason jar and let seep overnight.  Heat up the tea the next morning in your rice steamer.

Marshmallow root has a long history of healing inflamed tissue.

After reading yesterday's post about my Barrett's esophagus (hey I learned how to spell esophagus) I know marshmallow tea is a healthier choice over coffee for me, personally.

So far so good.  Marshmallow tea has a rich bold flavor like java with an 'awakening' aroma.

I'll update as I see how marshmallow tea interacts with a complicated body chemistry of #aorta medications.

#Dissection life is ever changing!

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