Sunday, August 5, 2012

Florida Permaculture Garden's Hot & Spicy Basil Habanero & Banana Pepper Jelly

Florida Permaculture Garden is full of ripe habanero peppers.
Florida Permaculture Garden's habanero, chili, jalapeño & banana pepper's & spicy globe basil

Wondering what to do with the hot, hot, hot produce we took Rob Overly's Facebook suggestion and made hot and banana pepper jelly with the bountiful harvest.

Spicy globe basil leaves were added for a touch of summer taste.

The jelly batch turned out to be one of the tastiest, most delicious permaculture garden foods we've yet ended up with.

The hot and spicy globe basil - banana pepper jelly will go well with fish, turkey and any meat dish, be tasty on a bagel or with whole wheat crackers and cream cheese and as a salad accompaniment. 
Spicy globe basil adds summer taste to permaculture jelly!
And I thought the way too hot peppers would make the jelly inedible.  Instead, the spice level was just right, even for Judy who is ultra sensitive to hot foods.

Last night's first batch of the summer will definitely not be the last.

Here is the permaculture hot banana pepper & habanero jelly recipe:

Pick a colander full of bot hot and banana peppers - be sure to use gloves as these may be HOT!
Florida Permaculture Jelly:  Step One: Slice Open Hot Peppers


Florida Permaculture Jelly:  Step Two: Deseed hot peppers
Rinse three times in colander.

Florida Permaculture Jelly:  Step Three: Rinse hot peppers
Chop in food processor into small chunks.  Do not over process.  The pepper chunks should be about the size of a large grain of rice.
Florida Permaculture Jelly:  Step Four: Boil vinegar, peppers and sugar
Rinse chopped peppers again.

Place chopped peppers into a large sauce pan.  Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar for every 3 half pint jars of the jelly you wish to make.

Bring slowly to a boil.

Just before the pepper and vinegar mixture reach boil, add 3 cups sugar for each 3 half pint jars of the jelly you wish to make.

Gently boil for three minutes, stirring constantly.

Turn heat off and immediately add one pouch pectin or Sure-Jell for each 3 half pint jars of the jelly you are making.

Stir until the pectin is dissolved.

Add several small basil leaves to each half pint jelly jar.

Spoon several large spoonfuls of the chopped peppers into each half pint jelly jar.
Florida Permaculture Jelly:  Step Five: Pour into Jelly Jars
Ladle the hot jelly liquid into cleaned and warm jelly jars.  Cap and let cool and seal.

Enjoy some of the best hot pepper and basil jelly you've ever put into your mouth!

Florida Permaculture Jelly:  Step Five: Pour into Jelly Jars

Note:  The combination of cider vinegar and hot peppers may cause a burning sensation in your eyes!  be sure to open your windows, provide adequate ventilation or wear a dust mask while cooking!

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