Friday, August 17, 2012

Urban Greening with a Green Roof in Jacksonville, Florida

The green roof over Breaking Ground Contracting has been the subject of many posts here, primarily because every time I have the opportunity to take photos of the living roof the plants there are expressing themselves with new and unique bio-patterns.

Florida Extensive Green Roof in Jacksonville, Florida
The roof is a Florida extensive living roof, designed for tropical storm and hurricane resiliency.

The plants are a blend of native wildflowers, grasses, succulents, herbs and more.

After enduring early summer droughts and two tropical storms, the roof is full of pollinators and looks magnificent.

Breaking Ground Contracting's living roof serves to cool Urban Heat Island effects, provides wildlife habitat, attenuates and cleans stormwater, sequesters carbon, pumps out oxygen, provides beauty in the Urban Concrete Jungle and more.

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Designing a structure to have a green roof, or retrofitting an existing building, can be costly, though there may be a number of benefits. A green roof may contribute to the energy efficiency of a building, while the roof itself may last longer than a traditionally constructed one.