Sunday, August 19, 2012

Florida Permaculture Spicy Globe & Goat Cheese Pesto

Simple yet delicious permaculture pesto recipe perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between!

Spicy Globe Basil & Goat Cheese Permaculture Pesto
Our patio container Spicy Globe Basil did so much better than our garden sweet basil this year.   I suspect because Spicy Globe Basil's leaves are smaller and grouped tighter than sweet basil, the Spicy Globe is more resilient to water loss through photosynthesis processes and wind desiccation.

Florida Permaculture Garden's Container Grown Spicy Globe Basil & Peppers ready for Pesto!
And our Florida Permaculture Garden's this morning's Spicy Globe Basil was bright green and ready for pesto.

One of my favorite pesto blends is Spicy Globe Basil and Goat Cheese with Jalapeños.

Florida Permaculture Garden's Jalapeños and Habanero Peppers, deseeded
To make, harvest two large handfulls of basil, a green and a red jalapeño (I added a habanero chili also this morning).

Wash the basil, deseed the peppers, place basil and peppers in the food processor.

Add one half cup goat cheese and shredded parmesan,  and a half handfull of almonds.  Sprinkle in ten golden raisins.  Add one half cup extra virgin olive oil.

Spicy Globe Basil & Goat Cheese Permaculture Pesto
Blend well and serve with our favorite crackers!

Spicy Globe Basil pesto is healthy, full of phytovitamins and a great way to start your permaculture day!

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christina said...

everyone else said "NO" to spicy globe basil pesto...however, I tried this and it is superb!
One question - there is no mention of stripping the leaves off the stems. My basil was beginning to bud - stems were too woody to leave on. Thank you for a very flavorful pesto.