Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wildflower Green Roof photos from Breaking Ground Contracting, Jacksonville

Yesterday's blog note focused on the Green Tree Frog climbing the Breaking Ground Contracting office wall, Florida Friendly and drought tolerant species, native plants and the importance of Urban Green for habitat.

These photos from May of 2011 illustrate how Urban Green can be established to create habitat corridors through out the Urban Core.  Native plants, Florida Friendly species, vegetables, grasses and more live on the rooftop garden.

The Tappouni sisters' efforts with 'greening Jacksonville' are part of an important sustainability web being woven by the next generation.

"Here are some photos of the Breaking Ground Contracting food and wildflower green roof in Jacksonville.  Even though we've had a terrible drought, the green roof plants have grown very nicely.  This roof is irrigated with rain water and uses only HVAC condensate.  Right plant, right place with CAM species on the perimeter and C4 species inside the CAM belt.  Model your design for wind and sunlight!  Enjoy the photos!. 10-20-30 rule met so far!  We have approximately 150 plants species and counting!"

MetroVerde Green Roof for Hurricane Prone Areas, Breaking Ground Contracting

MetroVerde Green Roof for Hurricane Prone Areas, Breaking Ground Contracting

Corn, MetroVerde Green Roof for Hurricane Prone Areas, Breaking Ground Contracting

Day lily, MetroVerde Green Roof for Hurricane Prone Areas, Breaking Ground Contracting

Cathranthus, MetroVerde Green Roof for Hurricane Prone Areas, Breaking Ground Contracting

Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, Native Species, MetroVerde Green Roof

Mint, Herbs, Spices for Green Roof, MetroVerde

More wildflowers, MetroVerde Green Roof

MetroVerde Green Roof Biodiversity

Green Roof Wildflowers, Jacksonville, MetroVerde

Solar Panels and Wildflowers, MetroVerde Green Roofs


Kip Whitehead said...

Not only these wildflowers can bring more life and color to your hose, but it can also prevent flooding outside of your home as green roofs can absorb almost 75% of rainwater. This is a good choice for people that live in countries that have a tropical climate.

Santo Caridine said...

I agree with you on that one, Kip. Certainly, green roofs can prevent flooding from your home, especially if you build an intensive green roof for your home. However, this type of green roof can only be built on large homes or buildings, so you may have to go for the semi-intensive type if your home is medium-sized or small.

Brendan Gertner said...

Aside from protecting your home on rainy days, a roof garden might also help during the summer season. The greenery can provide a cooler breeze, which is quite refreshing and life-saving when the weather is scorching hot. This is probably the main reason why more and more people are opting for green roofs.

Norbert said...

What more can I say, the three of you are right! :) In addition, it would clearly have a big effect on fighting global warming. The more greenery we have, the more global warming will be alleviated.

Norbert Floth

Kermit Lukacs said...

Green roofs really add beauty and a safe habitat in areas like this. ;) @Norbert, yes, it could help fight global warming. It provides shade and helps remove heat from the air; that’s why green roofing is much needed in places with a higher temperature, such as the urban areas. By reducing the energy demand, it will help lessen environmental disturbances and pollution.

Adam Waterford said...

I second Norbert’s and Kermit’s comments! Green living roofs are great for fighting climate change and global warming. The more plants that are planted on the roof, the more carbon monoxide and dioxide levels are reduced. They’re taken up by the plants as food, after which the plant releases clean oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. To have a lot of plants on the roof would really help clean the air around the building.

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