Friday, September 6, 2019

Florida Haiku, Senryu Wildflower Poetry, Railroad Vine

Florida Wildflower Poetry, Railroad Vine, Kevin Songer

Railroad Vine

bright nectar filled cups
moths, wasps, ants and bees seek
oceanfront diner

Railroad vine, Ipomoea pes-caprae is also known as 'beach morning glory' and 'goat's foot', the latter name deriving from goat-foot shaped leaves on the vine.

Salt tolerant railroad vine is an amazing native wildflower growing in primary dunes, often straight down the beach towards the surf.  Look closely and you may see thousands of pollinators buzzing about railroad vine's luminescent purple flowers.  This vine is an important beach-side insect, butterfly, small mammal and bird food source.

Railroad vine's common name probably arose from the vine's long straight reaches, with leaves and flowers jutting out to each side much like a long straight run of railroad tracks, helping stabilize primary and beachfront sand dunes.  Drought and salt tolerant, this native wildflower makes a great seashore landscape plant, just give the vine plenty of room to grow!

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