Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tuesday Florida Native Plant & Wildflower Poetry, Purple Muhly Grass

Tuesday morning Florida native plant and wildflower haiku, Purple Muhly Grass
Florida Wildflower Poetry & Art, Purple Muhly grass, Mulenbergia spp. by Kevin Songer

sweetgrass baskets
muhly and pine needles weave
art of carrying rice

Purple muhly grass lines the median of many native plant landscaped downtown streets in Florida. During late summer the blooms form a cloud-like top to the grass in brilliant white, purple and pink shades. This grass gives important communal habitat to birds and small mammals and once established is extremely drought tolerant. Muhly grass has a long history of ethnobotanical uses by native Americans and early settlers.  Woven from plant leaf blades, early plantation workers carried rice and other goods up from the fields in muhly grass baskets and satchels.

Muhly grass is a great green roof plant choice too (think C4 photosynthesis).

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