Sunday, September 8, 2019

Life Betterment Through Beauty, Wildflowers, Garden Foods, Green Roofs and Rambling Sunday Morning Words

Watching wildflowers grow in the garden and on Green Roofs can be pure bliss, not only to my senses but to wildlife, pollinators and local environmental health.

Rosemary in our coastal front yard garden, mandala by Kevin Songer
Some life forms are evolving in ways I call, 'Betterment Through Beauty'.

Many times we are told survival of the fittest involves the concept of 'eat or be eaten'; trample on your competition, subdue your enemies, just be a general, overall jerk.

What I've learned from nature and years of botany work is another maxim.  Wildflowers teach bootstrap through beauty and quid pro quo.

Organic produce from Judy's garden
One of the ways I manage aortic dissection is through foods Judy grows in our yard.  The basil and okra are among the many blooming and fruiting plants out front, each packed full of healthy phytochemicals. So yesterday I admired their lovely blooms (both have lovely flowers), shooing away the bees and pollinators as I harvested a basket of okra pods and broad, bright green basil leaves.

Chopping okra for tuna burgers
In the kitchen the organic yummy was washed, chopped and mixed with walnuts, tuna, stone ground mustard, farmer's market eggs and a couple jalapeños then pressed into tuna burgers for grilling.  Chopped lemon added a bit of tasty zest to the tuna burger mix.

Zest for tuna burgers
We tend to the plants for the bounty they provide.  Flowers attract pollinators through beauty of senses and once fertilized make seeds.  This is survival through the good for the whole.  Same way with green roofs and living walls; we tend the plants and they provide cooling, cleaning, purification, habitat and beauty functions.

Slow organic cooking, tuna burgers ready to be made into patties
Wildflowers have refined beneficial quid pro quo techniques to an amazing art.  Their essence, aura, color, hues, tastes and nutritive qualities seduce other life forms into a symbiotic union.
Plant Quid Pro Quo, tuna burgers on the grill

In other words, it really is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar.

Wouldn't the world be an awesome place if, like most wildflowers, humans had evolved into life beings who practiced 'quid pulchrun pro quo'.

Nothing earth shattering, just a wildflower observation for Sunday morning.

'Betterment Through Beauty', I like it.

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