Friday, February 17, 2017

DIY Green Roofs for Rabbit Hutches

Here are a couple of green roofs for our rabbit hutches.
DIY Green Roof & Urban Permaculture - Stacking Example of Green Roof over Rabbit Hutch over Worm Bin
The roofs are made with available materials, most recycled and repurposed items.

The rabbit hutches are an example of the 'stacking premise' found in permaculture methods.

The top layer is the green roof which provides food, shade, shelter, cooling (and warming through thermal adsorption), and much more for the rabbits below.

The rabbits eat the forage from the green roof and drop rabbit pellets through the rabbit cages into the worm bins below the rabbits.  The worms then digest the pellets and produce mulch for the green roof.

Urban Green with recycled materials can be completed with minimal cost and surprising effectiveness!

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