Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stormwater and Landscape Integration, Water Quality and Attenuation for Urban Greening

Combining stormwater and landscape together (site design requirement integration) can benefit both the developer and the environment!
Urban green.  Combining stormwater and landscape.  Kevin Songer.

In the past commercial and residential design have treated landscaping, stormwater capture, attenuation and treatment as separate entities.

Unfortunately this creates an over-sized, inefficient site footprint that does little to maximize profits or protect the environment.  This short sighted approach is usually referred to as 'code-minimum'.

Today there have been many new structural and porous underground collection and exfiltration systems appear in the construction supply marketplace.

These new innovative systems allow for stormwater collection, transport, storage and exfiltration to be accomplished within required landscape areas, potentially eliminating the need for open stormwater ponds.

The above illustration is my example of how stormwater and landscape can be very successfully combined, keeping the ecosystem healthy, the design efficient and the buildout profits maximized!

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