Thursday, February 23, 2017

Irrigation Efficiency, Rainwater Reuse

Water is such an important resource.

Urban Sustainability.  Recycling and attenuating rainfall is one of the many proactive measures we can take in helping conserve water use.
All too often I take for granted the necessity of clean water for all the earth and inhabitants thereof.

Clean water forms the basis for all life continuance and survival.  Many times we've mentioned here how Green Roofs and Living Walls, along with other measures of Urban Green can clean and filter contaminants from our rainfall runoff.

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Though I always recommend allowing rainfall to resupply the ground water, rain barrels can slow (attenuate) the rainfall runoff from roofs.  This allows the homeowner to reuse the rainfall for irrigation where then the water makes its way back into the ground.

Here is a pic from our Jacksonville Urban Farm where we captured rooftop runoff for reuse in our Urban Gardens.

Every bit of water recycle and reuse helps preserve our world's water quality.

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