Thursday, February 16, 2017

Extensive Green Roofs, Lightweight With Only 50mm Soil Media

Green Roofs can be successfully grown in shallow layers of green roof soil media.
Florida Extensive Green Roof on sloped deck with 50mm soil media
Here is a succulent green roof I built in 2010 where the rafters were 2" x 6" 's with a wood decking (so very light weight loading was required).

The roof slope was 4:1.

A waterproofing layer was added first.

Then came a wind stabilization mesh followed by placement of soil media.

Finally the plants were installed that grew well without added fertilization or irrigation.

Total calculated live load of less than twenty pounds per square foot.

And still looks good!

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Gaia Speaks said...

Hi kevin, we are building a tiny home in kauai, HI and doing an 8x8ft portion of the roof as a green roof. Wondering if we could speak with you 808-353-1960