Thursday, February 2, 2017

Plants with Exfiltration - Answer to Urban Stormwater Runoff Treatment

Here is a quick eco-smart urban green stormwater treatment thought for the day.
Urban Green and Stormwater Treatment Integration

Take the massive amount of research conducted on how effective plants are with nutrient removal (P and N) along with their amazing capacity to fix carbon and combine with underground, permeable yet structural drainage filtration systems and you have the perfect combination of stormwater treatment, attenuation and landscaping all in a compact system.

The process may sound complicated yet in reality is very simple.

Use permeable pavers or a permeable surface in conjunction with a curb or gutter collection system to capture stormwater.

The stormwater is then routed horizontally through a permeable underground structural system.

Plants are installed in a larger, vertically oriented stormwater catchment system that can be connected in series to other units or to a central collection system.

The vertical collection tank is also a structural yet permeable unit where the plant grows in a removable top container.

Stormwater is then allowed to filter through the permeable structural system while watering the plants and recharging groundwater.

Exploring urban greening system integrated with stormwater treatment will become the future for design soon.

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