Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Living Wall Plants - Florida Living Walls and Urban Green

Click below for a link to the MetroVerde photo gallery of three vines suited for living walls in Florida and across the Southeast U.S.

Two are evergreen perennial and one is frost tender but usually root hardy.

Consideration of living walls as part of any design project is important because living walls;

1. pump fresh oxygen into the air while uptaking CO2,
2. sequester carbon,
3. create beauty and a visual screen,
4. provide wildlife with habitat in the urban core,
5. clean stormwater,
6. and much more.

The three living wall vines recently added tot he MetroVerde photo gallery include;

Living Wall Plant - Mikania scandens, Florida Living Walls - MetroVerde 
Living Wall Plant - Confederate Jasmine - Florida Living Walls - MetroVerde
Living Wall Plant - Ficus, Creeping Fig - Florida Living Walls - MetroVerde

You can visit the MetroVerde gallery of Living Wall Plants by clicking here.

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