Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Florida Green Roof Plants - Root Architecture Summary

We've been discussing the optimal green roof plant root structure.

There are many adequate types of Florida green roof plant root structures.   The variables different structures become a part of include;

1. Hurricane, tropical storm and wind resistance,
2. Rainfall and water absorption,
3. Plant support,
4. System cohesiveness, and
5. other factors.

One of the major advantages of using a mat with a weave, or trays with an inserted weave for roots to grow into is the overall imparted strength of the system.

 Laterally growing roots will provide greater anchoring during high winds.  This can be an important factor when considering placing a green roof here in Florida -  or anywhere with potential for tropical storms and high winds.

Florida Green Roof Plant - Good Root Architecture - Lateral Growth
 Finally, the most important aspect of installing plants on a Florida Green Roof is - don't go tot he nursery and purchase plants that have been grown in a production nursery, pumped full of fertilizers, used to timely irrigation and replete with tender new growth. Instead, look for those plants with a lateral root system that are hardened off and acclimated to the tough environment you are installing them into.

Roofs are harsh places for plants to survive!  Remember the 5 H's - High desiccating winds, High heat, Hard Freezes, HOT-HOT-HOT!, High humidity, Hurricanes,  and more...

Lateral root growth contributes towards support, enhanced water absorption area, anchoring and a host of other success factors.

Happy Green Roofing!

As always, e-mail me with your questions.  Kevin.

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