Monday, October 11, 2010

Urban Permaculture - Cajanus cajun, Pigeon Peas - Amazing Plants

Judy bought a pack of Pigeon Peas at Echo in Ft. Myers earlier this year and planted them in our backyard garden.
I was not really aware  - or didn't pay any attention to the plants until recently.

Once I did a little research on the I found myself impressed.

Not only are they an excellent bulk food plant and medicinal herb, they are a superb nitrogen fixer - fixing up to 40kg per acre of N!  Good for soil.

They grow in the worst of soils and possess thick, strong roots so the species can be used for erosion control.

Some species are hardy to frost.

Grown in the islands, India and Africa - you can find a really delicious Bahamian recipe here -   

Urban Permaculture - Pigeon Peas 10' tall

Plant Pigeon Peas!


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