Friday, October 8, 2010

Green Roof and Living Wall Plants Help Us Breath in the Urban Core

Ever notice how alike plant root architecture and our lung's structure are?

There are many similarities.

Importantly, because of the photosynthetic process, plants pump fresh oxygen out into the atmosphere every day.  We, in our busy lives tend to forget plants breathe in out waste carbon dioxide generated from within our bodies as we exhale (helping us dispose of massive amounts of a 'waste' gas everyday).

Not only do plants get rid of carbon dioxide they pump out large volumes of fresh oxygen into the atmosphere everyday.

Perfect symbiotic relationship between man and plants.  We need their O2 and they need our CO2.

Living Wall and Green Roof Plants Provide Oxygen to the Urban Core
Sometimes we forget how important plants are.  We may view them as a necessary thing to have so we can eat vegetables or fruits.

We may tolerate them because of the shade they produce, cursing the autumn leaf litter.

We may enjoy the visual beauty of flowers.

Importantly though, we look to those around us carrying oxygen bottles to help them breathe.

Plants are our oxygen bottles.  Without plants we as a race disappear.  We will die. 

I call the filling of our cities with plants - Restoring Volumetric Green to the Urban Core.

Create a green roof or living wall - you'll be practicing CPR with a Plant.

Happy Green Roofing.  Kevin

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