Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Living Wall Plants Florida - One Good One Not So Good (Yet Pretty)

Recommended Living Wall Plant Pick of the Day:

Staghorn fern,

Platycerium spp.

Staghorn Fern makes a great living wall plant, especially here in North Florida - but should do well across the southeast.  Benefits include:
  1. Evergreen
  2. Once established does not generally require irrigation
  3. Good Screening plant
  4. Grows and multiplies steadily
  5. Broad, attractive leaves and form
  6. Does not require significant, if any, soil
  7. Available in most home improvement stores and nurseries.
Living Wall Plant - Staghorn Fern, Platycerium, MetroVerde

Non-Recommended Living Wall Plant Pick of the Day:

Japanese Honeysuckle,

Lonicera japonica

I really like this vine but cannot recommend it's use due to the extreme invasive nature of the plant.  Watch out if you ever use Japanese Honeysuckle because the plant will literally take over.  I've cut it out of the attic, off tall walls and it is almost impossible to get rid of.  Yet it is evergreen and beautiful, and will establish a barrier screen very quickly!  The plant has been placed on the list of Florida's Invasive Plants - click here for more details. 

Invasive Living Wall Plant - Japanese Honeysuckle - Lonicera japonica - MetroVerde
 Choosing the right living wall plant is as important as choosing the right living wall structural system!

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