Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photos of What Hurricane Force Winds (120 MPH) Do To a Green Roof Plant

The photos included here are from wind uplift testing yesterday at UF. Notice the moderate damage to the plant leaf epidermis and underlying palisade layer (dessication).

Observations and photos of recovery will be posted over the next couple months to see how quickly the plants heal from the damage and regrow.

Not only do the plants suffer dessication and structural damage from 120 MPH winds, but the leaves and stems are bombarded with high speed grit from dust and the roofs soil itself.

The woven mat provides significant support to the root system and stem and in my opinion is the reason the plants did not fly off the roof immediately.

Green Roof Plant Before Hurricane Testing

Green Roof Plant after 120 MPH winds for 3 minutes

We are analyzing what the test results and observations and will be providing additional comments.

More soon!

Happy green roofing and as always - email me with our questions.

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