Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 Reasons for a Green Roof Alternative - Roof Based Vegetated Air Intake Tunnel

The roof-based vegetated air intake tunnel keeps a building roof vegetated and provides additional benefits, including;

1.  Cools intake air
2.  Shades the roof
3.  Removes airborne toxins, and more!

MetroVerde Intake Tunnel Alternative to Green Roof 

Additional benefits allow for reducing heat island effect, providing shade, cleaning stormwater, wildlife habitat and much more.

The MetroVerde Vegetated Air Intake Tunnel is a Green Roof expanded 3D!

Always exploring opportunities to bring volumetric green to the Urban Core!

As always, email us with your ideas and questions.

Happy Green Roofing,


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Rodney said...

I agree with this. When we were doing the construction of my house in Lincoln, I had a little chat about this with the roofing contractors (Omaha-based). They said some of the residential houses they serviced were asking about the green roofing and its benefits. I believe they said it's more conservative and natural.
My college buddy who has a small computer business has contacted some roofing companies (Omaha, NE), which inspected first the roofs before doing the repairs. The guaranteed that the life of the roof would be longer than it was before. Because of the long usage of computers and other devices, his workplace is now safer and heat-reduced.