Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Roof Plants - Crimson Clover and Chickory, Day Nine

Both considered annuals here in Florida - not able to withstand the rigors of Florida's hot and humid summers, Crimson Clover and Chicory are both beautiful and important additions to a non-native yet Florida Friendly landscaped Green Roof.

Both provide abundant color to a green roof when blooming - Crimson Clover - bright red blossoms and Chicory - bright blue blooms.

Green Roof Plant Trifolium incarnata, Crimson Clover
These sprout were sowed nine days ago.

The Crimson Clover, Trifolium incarnata, sprouted quickly and is filling out the open roof spaces.

Green Roof Plant Cichorium intybus, Chicory
The Chicory, Cichorium intybus, was a little slower to show itself on the roof, however this may be because Chicory has a larger root system than Crimson Clover and may spend more up-front time setting roots before developing leaves.

Both these species provide pollen for bees, butterflies and insects; both are beautiful in bloom and can serve as green manure plants.

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Happy Green Roofing!


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