Sunday, November 14, 2010

Green Roofs Promote Biodiversity in Urban Core

Plants in the Urban Core are important for many reasons and we've discussed many here in on this website.

Biodiversity is another critical factor Green Roofs can contribute to.

By installing green roofs and living walls and then planting pollinators and beneficial plants - especially native species - you are helping increase the spread of DNA through pollen.

In a world of exotic invasives, noxious concrete and asphalt, heat-island effect, smog, polluted stormwater and the stress of the Urban Core, plant some life giving plants on your walls and roofs.  Remember, plants remove Carbon Dioxide and pump out oxygen into the air.

MetroVerde's line of roof  pre-accliminated native and adapted (non-invasive) plants species are grown organically and without chemicals - either pesticides or fertilizers so as to promote strong growth on green roofs.

Choosing plants grown for green roofs in your area is as important as choosing the right green roof system.

MV's line of Carbon Piratetm plant species are also grown to sequester as much Carbon Dioxide as possible as well as uptaking nitrogen and phosphorus from stormwater.

As always - email us and we will be glad to help you with your Green Roof Project.


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