Monday, November 1, 2010

Florida Green Roof Attachment Design

Many arrangements exist for Green Roof attachment to underlying finished roofing or decking.

Photos below depict mat attachment to asphalt shingles, TPO, built-up asphalt, roll asphalt and PVC roofing material.

Our philosophy about about vertical penetrations through roofing material is straight forward for Florida roofs - 'don't do it unless absolutely necessary'.

Green Roof System Arrangements - Field Trial Panels of Varying Materials

Florida's brutal heat, humidity and environment will continually attack roof attachment mechanisms.  The fewer vertical attachment mechanisms, the less the possibility for leaks.

There are many roofing adhesives on the market.  One significant factor we consider is a low VOC content and low carbon footprint.  On the other hand we expect the adhesive to work.

Our trial panels are made up of different materials and different systems.

Once planted, the panels are placed up on the roof for at least twelve months.  Some adhesives work, others do not.   Some adhesives work with different underlying roofing materials, others preform better with another roofing material.  Varying the combination of roofing material, root barrier, adhesive, mat and other components all for performance data to be collected on the different systems.

Developing a solid understanding of system materials is crucial for a successful Florida Green Roof!

As always - email us with your questions.

Happy Green Roofing - Kevin!

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Adam said...

I'm fascinated when it comes to green roof attachments. My brother who now lives in Florida is actually thinking of having his roofs with plants.

He plans to have a different type of roofing that will allow air into their house. He is also thinking of having insulators to keep the heat away from his roofing. Chantilly, where I live, is also a humid place. To keep my family cool during summer is like also assuring that our roof is in good shape.