Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dew Catchers for Green Roofs - Nature's Irrigtion

Lots of information exists on creating air turbulence, humidity, condensation and collecting dew.

I'll post an article with links to more information soon however below are some photos of dew collection inspiration and then the actual construction and installation of a simple but effective dew catcher on a permaculture roofs - one with winter veggies planted.

As always - email your questions here and happy green roofing!

Morning Dew is Often Everywhere

Morning Dew Collecting on Green Roof Plants
Designing a Green Roof Dew Catcher
Constructing a Green Roof Dew Catcher
Green Roof Dew Catcher Ready for Installation
Green Roof Dew Catcher Installed

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Richard Boles said...

Dew is a nature's blessing to plant life. Dew provides the water plants need to manufacture food and survive. Those who have green roofs will benefit from this.