Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Florida's Green Roof Plants - Why are They Luckier Than Plants On The Ground? (some thought and humor maybe?)

Green Roof Plants have a better view of the moon at night.

Little science in this discussion however a couple facts are irrefutable!

  • The Moon reflects the Sun's light
  • Plants need light for photosynthesis
  • During winter months while the sun is low on the horizon, plants get less light and grow slower
  • A high perch such as a roof offers green roof plants a special opportunity to become 'fully involved' with moonlight.
  • Moonlight is soothing to plants - soft light without harshness of the daytime heat stress
A few other reasons why Green Roof Plants and Moonlight have a special relationship may be;

  • Green Roof Plants Washed in Moonlight are more prone to be in a romantic mood?  Produce more pollen and seeds?
  • The Moon soothes Green Roof Plants from the stresses of the day?
  • Other ideas?
Anyway, last night when I walked outside and saw the moon I stopped and stared for quite some time.  I was attracted to the beauty of the form, shape and light.  Suddenly, all the worries of the day disappeared - if just for the few moments.  I was at one with nature and the eternal universe. 

I felt enlivened and my spirits were uplifted as I walked back into the house.

Green Roof Plants See The Moon, The Moon Sees Them
Green Roof plants have the moon for hours every night where I enjoyed the experience for a few moments.

Understanding the ecology and environmental aspects of plants is important to understanding plants.  Judy and I, for years, have worked with plants and their, soil, sun exposure, wind and water relationships.  But the other half of plants life cycle, the night (other than a few sheets over tender plants) - plants relationship with the night - I've never given much thought to.

 Lucky Green Roof Plants.

Happy Green Roofing, Kevin!

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