Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Green Roof Clover Reaches for the Moon!

I am dividing up 3 year old dwarf Allium species out of 72 count trays and into their own cell pack.  I'll post photos of these seedlings tomorrow - they are the perfect example of nature-based irrigation, acclimation and the concept of the old perennial saying, SLEEP, CREEP, LEAP!

As I was transplanting under the strange iridescence of a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb hanging in a drop-light I noticed an even stranger light moving across the green roof.

I grabbed Jincy's Canon and a ladder.

This is so cool!

The Crimson Clover sowed on the roof a week ago, the same clover whose leaves, during the day are spread out wide horizontally to soak up the sun's rays, those two week old leaves were moving up, reaching up in unison towards the full moon!  The entire roof reflected moonlight in a sweeping motion as the clover leaves lifted towards the cloudless, star-filled sky.

Green Roof Crimson Clover Reaching for Moonlight
Amazing!  They are alive and moving!

Plants teach me something new every day.  53 years here and still so much to learn about plants.

Lydia Cabrera was soooooo right.  "Son las mas Santos en el monte que en el cielo!" - There are more spirits in the plants of the forest than in the sky....

I feel like a youngster back in school......learning exciting things again!


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