Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Hoppy Green Roof Update Panorama Photo - Expansion Underway

Green Roof for Rabbit Hutch :)
As we convert the downtown Urban lot into an intense permaculture farm, people keep bringing us more unwanted rabbits. Though we've been told not to build the hitches from wood as the bunnies will chew - wood is what the hutches are built out of.

So far, no chewing has occurred - maybe because we feed the bunnies plenty of carrots and broccoli to eat and their 'chewing' urges are satisfied with the carrots.

Anyhow, the rabbit mansion has been doubled in size. As you can see to the left is the sloped green roof - the garlic is shooting up in the back and will be visible soon. To the right, this area will have a flat green roof.

The green roof to the left was made from a 52mm structural unit I like to use and was embedded with a growing medium and planted with C4 and C3 plants. The roof to the right will be comprised of a flexible growing mat laid directly over the flat metal roofing piece serving as structure and water barrier all in one. THis roof will contain native wildflowers.

Working with green roofs across the farm (?) allows for much data collection. Find out what plants work her int he Southeastern US where drought, heat and floods are all common and impossible to predict.

More photos soon, as the garlic continues to grow!

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