Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foggy Morning Green Roof Garlic Photo

Quick green roof update photo.  The Allium sativum is growing rapidly!  I've tasted a few of the garlic greens and they are delicious.  Fed some to the rabbits, too who quickly devoured the strong sulfur flavored and medicinally important, allicin containing leaves.

Medicinal & Food Green Roof for Rabbits
Recall, the greenroof system is constructed with a 50mm recycled and structural polypropylene frame embedded with a non-woven geosynthetic fabric and compost for a nature irrigated, hydroponic-type planting bed.  The structural characteristics of the roof allow for spanning between the wooden rabbit side braces and a 20 mil HDPE liner keeps the rabbits dry.

Cost-effective, lightweight, nature irrigated green roofs are becoming more popular as understanding of water shortage crises spreads.

Rooftop food production also is increasing in popularity and importance as open space diminishes and rooftop acreage proliferates!

As always, we welcome your comments and emails and Happy Green Roofing!


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