Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Roof Soil Media Note

As standards are being developed by ASTM and other agencies, both private and governmental, here is a reminder to remember High Velocity Wind Areas.

Florida Building Code does not allow loose laid ballast, aggregate, gravel or pavers on rooftops due to hurricanes.

Loose laid gravel or aggregate may become airborne during cyclone winds and damage adjacent fenestration and windows, acting like large shotgun pellets.

Large beds of expanded shale, crushed tile or brick on a roof here in Florida could inflict serious or deadly damage to human life and property.

Parapet walls may be an answer to wind impacts on rooftop aggregate.

Yet the important point here is we cannot rush to adopt an incomplete standard.

A standard that is irrelevant to a geographic area is not a standard at all.

Miami-Dade County has developed agressive testing requirements for high velocity roof applications.  The State of Florida is also working on Building Code requirements as are many of the Florida Universities.

Lets proceed with standards, yet make sure they are applicable.

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Anonymous said...

"Shotgun pellets" That's crazy but it's happening. Every green roof manufacturer using crushed brick or lava rock in growing media. I know GaiaSoil that uses foam ( not dangerous but say goodbye to your roof). Who knows what Citysoil using?