Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Morning Green Roof Notes

Headed out to discuss educational opportunities with an individual for a rooftop permaculture garden we are doing this spring.

Before heading out the door I wanted to post a couple green roof genre photos.

Photo One is a Morning Dove, taken this AM looking for insects in the nodding garlic, Allium canadense starts (native species here in the US).  Biodiversity with green roof plants begins well before they are placed on the roof!

Green Roof Plants & Biodiversity

Photo two is a couple trays of Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato seeds Judy planted last night while I was cutting copper for the living wall.  Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes are my favorite tomato in the entire world!  Here is what Johnny's Seeds has to say about Matt's -

These small cherry tomatoes are packed with more taste than you can believe. 5/8- 3/4", deep red, round fruits have a tender, smooth texture, and loads of sweet, full flavor. High sugar content (11º Brix). Though the taste is superior, it doesn't yield well and the fruits are soft, so grow on a trial scale at first. Teresa Arellanos de Mena, a friend of former Univ. of Maine AG faculty members Drs. Laura Merrick and Matt Liebman, brought seeds to Maine from her family's home state of Hidalgo in Eastern Mexico. It's the region of domestication of tomatoes, and where these grow wild. Matt gave us the seeds. Indeterminate. 

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato will grow well on the rooftop garden, in fact it will produce more tomatoes you will ever be able to use.  This plant should be number one on the rooftop garden/green roof permaculture list.  Now is the time to start tomatoes - just keep them indoors until well after the danger of frost.

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes for Rooftop Permaculture

Photo Three is a shot of Black-eyed Peas sprouted and ready for transplanting up.  Like clover, this plant fixes nitrogen into the soil.  Good to eat and good for ferilizer.

Black Eyed Peas - Green Roof Fertilizer Plant

Good green roof permaculture plants - Black eyed peas and Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes!

As always, email us your comments and thoughts and Happy Green Roofing!



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